Friday, September 3, 2010

International Conference on Environment and Resources of the South Pacific


The South Pacific is the largest oceanic area on our planet but also the least known. Nevertheless, two organizations have been established to coordinate actions in the western and eastern regions: the South Pacific Commission and the Permanent Commission for the South Pacific, respectively. Meanwhile, countries in both regions are currently organizing the setting up of the Regional Fishing Organization for the South Pacific.

The need to increase our environmental knowledge of this vast territory, amid concern over the evaluation and management of its exploited resources, is unquestionable. Cultural, technological and scientific exchange will be greatly improved by communicating and sharing the various independent work currently being done throughout the region.

Sharing such information across such a large part of the world is a big challenge and this international conference provides us with an excellent opportunity to meet and discuss our work, experiences and opinions to progress the knowledge base for current and future generations. Thus, the Conference will examine topics related to understanding and managing the ocean environment and its ecosystems that are under, or may come under, commercial exploitation and will build on the work done during the previous International Conference on Marine Resources of the Pacific (Arana 1983).

The conference will be particularly focused on studies related to subjects such as Atmosphere, Oceanography, Aquaculture, Fisheries and Non-Renewable Resources in the South Pacific. Aquaculture topics will be conducted in the context of the “International Aquaculture Congress”, co-organized with the Chilean Aquaculture Society.

It is expected that this conference will represent the beginning of more continuous work, and assist societies, that may seem different but that, together, are able to face the challenge of connecting their disparate activities for the benefit of all.

All presentations and lectures will be published in an internationally recognized regional journal, the Latin American Journal of Aquatic Research ( 
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