Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ASLO, Aquatic Sciences Meeting, February 2011

Special Sessions List

S01:ASLOMP Student Symposium [Schedule]

S02:Ocean Biogeochemistry Time-Series and Climate [Schedule]

S03:Heterotrophic Activity in Aquatic Ecosystems Revisited [Schedule]

S04: Biological and Biogeochemical Science Enabled by the Aquarius and SMOS Missions [Schedule]

S05: Ocean Color Radiometry of Coastal and Inland Waters [Schedule]

S06: From Green Pastures to Green Water: Integrating Soil and Aquatic Approaches to Phosphorus Biogeochemistry Science [Schedule]

S07: Tropical Small Mountainous River Biogeochemistry: Terrestrial Losses, Internal Processing and Coastal Inputs [Schedule]

S08: Intraspecific Variation: Role in the Ecology of Harmful Phytoplankton [Schedule]

S09: Benthic Biogeochemical Processes: From microscale patchiness to ecosystem function [Schedule]

S10: Biological Invasions as a Driver of Change in Aquatic Systems [Schedule]

S12: In Situ Measurement of Concentration, Lability and Bioavailability of Chemical Species in Water, Soils and Sediments Using Diffusional Techniques: DGT and DET [Schedule]

S13: Biodiversity in a Changing World: Insights from Paleoecological Data [Schedule]

S14: Consequences of Hypoxia for Living Resources and Biogeochemical Cycles [Schedule]

S15: Land Based Sources of Pollution in Tropical Marine Ecosystems [Schedule]

S16: Acidification in Coral Reef Ecosystems [Schedule]

S17: Phosphorus Cycling in Marine Systems:  Biogeochemical, Genomic and Model Studies [Schedule]

S18: Connectivity of Ecosystem Processes in the Upper and Mesopelagic Oceans [Schedule]

S20: Multi-tracer Approaches to Understanding Plankton Community Composition Controls on POC Export Flux from the Surface Ocean [Schedule]

S21: Isotopic and Molecular Approaches to Study Microbe-Metazoan Trophic Dynamics [Schedule]

S22: Diatoms and Coccolithophores: From evolution to global biogeochemical cycles [Schedule]

S23: Nutrient Limitation in River-Influenced Coastal Systems [Schedule]

S24: Climate and Fishing Effects on Life History Traits of Exploited Stocks and the Consequences of Population Sustainability [Schedule]

S25: Research Experiences of Undergraduates in Aquatic Sciences [Schedule]

S26: Improved Broader Impacts = Enhanced Scientific Impacts [Schedule]

S27: Interactions Between Aquatic Microbial Eukaryotes: Intracellular to Community Processes [Schedule]

S28: Biogeochemical, Ecological and Physical Dynamics of Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems [Schedule]

S30: Mechanistic Descriptions of Diverse Plankton Communities: From Observations to Models [Schedule]

S31: Coral Reefs in a Crystal Ball: What Will Be Their Future? [Schedule]

S32: Variability in Freshwater Inputs and its Impacts on Coastal Marine Systems [Schedule]

S33: Effects of Global Change on Carbon Transport and Processing in Tropical Freshwater Ecosystems [Schedule]

S34: Bioluminescent Bays of Puerto Rico: Science, Education, Management and Conservation [Schedule]

S35: Advances in Coastal Hypoxia Modeling: From Physics to Fish [Schedule]

S36: Interactive and Repeat Exposure Effects of Environmental Perturbations Upon Corals and Coral Reef Processes [Schedule]

S37: Evolutionary Rules in the Brave New Ocean – Climate Change and Life History Strategies [Schedule]

S38: Eutrophication Across Aquatic Systems: Causes, Consequences, and Controls [Schedule]

S39: Regional Ecosystem Research Informing Management Decisions [Schedule]

S40: A New Hydrology: Inflow effects on ecosystem form and functioning [Schedule]

S41: Ecological Forecasting: Progress, Challenges and Prospects [Schedule]

S42: Coastal and Inland Hypersaline Environments and Their Differences to Normal Salinity Waters and Freshwater Lakes [Schedule]

S44: The Relevance of Jellyfish Blooms in the Changing Global Oceans [Schedule]

S45. Protists in Extreme Environments: Beyond Diversity  [Schedule]

S46: The Role of Inland Waters in the Carbon Cycle of the Boreal Forest Biome [Schedule]

S48: How will a continued ice retreat affect Arctic productivity and food webs? [Schedule]

S49: Atmospheric Control of Nutrient Cycling and Production in the Surface Ocean [Schedule]

S50: Advancing Ocean Color Science from Space Into the 21st Century [Schedule]

S51. Who’s in the water? Recent Advances in the Detection and Quantification of Phytoplankton Community Composition in Aquatic Ecosystems [Schedule]

S52. Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions in Coastal Regions: Observations and Modeling Approaches [Schedule]

S53: Urban Aquatic Systems in a Changing Climate [Schedule]

S54: Student Engagement in Education and Public Outreach [Schedule]

S55: Microbial Carbon Pump: A multidisciplinary focus on origins, cycling and storage of DOM in the ocean [Schedule]

S56: Continental Margin Sedimentation: Geological and Geochemical Signatures of Human Activity [Schedule]

S57: Spatial Connectivity in Aquatic Landscapes: Patterns, Mechanisms and Implications for Populations, Communities and Ecosystems [Schedule]

S58: Emerging Patterns of Nitrogen Fixation and its Controls in the Oceans [Schedule]

S59: Advancing the Science and Ethics of Plankton Ecology: The Legacy of Peter Verity [Schedule]

S60: Biogeochemistry of Re-suspended Sediments in Aquatic and Coastal Marine Environments [Schedule]

S62: Microbial Adaptation to Environmental Changes and Advances in Marine Microbial Diversity and Dynamics in Latin America and the Caribbean [Schedule]

S63: Broadening the Discussion: The consequences of the presence of algal toxins in aquatic food webs [Schedule]

S64: Instrumentation, Software, and Protocols for Semi-automated Identification, Enumeration, and measurement of Plankton – Where Are We Now? [Schedule]

S65. Urbanization and Its Impacts on Tropical Aquatic Ecosystems [Schedule]

S66: The Ecology of Infectious Diseases in Marine Systems [Schedule]

S67: Deep-Sea Corals and Other Communities Associated with Hydrocarbon Seeps and Polymetallic Sulfide Deposits: Life in the crosshairs of human impact [Schedule]

S68: Cyanobacteria in a Changing World [Schedule]

S69: The Biogeochemistry of Coral – Microbe Interactions [Schedule]

S71: Beachfront Real Estate: Microbial ecology and activity along changing coasts [Schedule]

S73: Biochemicals in Action in Trophic Interactions: Their role in information transfer and nutritional quality [Schedule]

S75: Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning: Current Needs and Future Challenges [Schedule]

S76: Increasing Diversity in the Ocean Science Work

Effective Recruitment and Mentoring [Schedule]

S77: Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems: Structure, Patterns, Processes and Refugia [Schedule]

S78: Genetics of Aquatic Microbial Populations [Schedule]

S79: Dynamics of Tropical Aquatic Systems: Rivers, Estuaries, and Coastal Waters [Schedule]

S80: Frontiers in Ocean Acidification Research: Responses of marine carbon cycling and ecosystems to ocean acidification [Schedule]

S82: Microbe-DOM Interactions in Aquatic Environments [Schedule]

S83: Impacts of Climate Change and Secular Variability on the Caribbean and Tropical Americas [Schedule]

S86: Linking the Physiology of Photoautotrophs to the Generation of Reactive Trace Gases [Schedule]

S87: Trace Metals and their Nutritional Importance to Marine Phytoplankton and Bacteria [Schedule]

S90: Biological Contamination of Puerto Rican Streams and Coastal Waters: Sources, Fate, Monitoring, and Predictive Modeling [Schedule]

S91: Oxygen Dynamics in Coastal Hypoxic Zones [Schedule]

S92: Exploring the Foundations of Interactions Among the Major Biogeochemical Cycles: Thermodynamics, Kinetics and Stoichiometry [Schedule]

S93: Urban Watersheds and Aquatic Ecosystems: State of the Science and Future Directions [Schedule]

S94: Impact of Hypoxia on Biogeochemical Cycles [Schedule]

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